Thursday Night Steel Challenge

The ENPS committee has decided to add a set of Thursday night Steel Challenge matches, starting in April, and running through August!  There will be either three or four stages (three early in the year due to time constraints because of lack of sunlight, four later in the year) and the cost for the match will be $10.  There will be a limit on the number of entries allowed, as it is necessary to keep the match small enough to finish before dusk.

Things you need to know:

  1. To participate, you MUST sign up and pay online via Practiscore.  Walk-ins will not be accepted at the match, and you won’t be allowed to complete your registration unless you pay during the registration process.
  2. Once you do that, you will be able to squad immediately.  If by match time you have not squadded, you will be administratively squadded, and will not have a choice of squad.
  3. Once you register and pay, you have committed to the match.  If you are a no-show, we thank you for your contribution to the match.  If you find out earlier that you can’t come to the match, you may arrange for someone else to take your slot and pay you, but we will not be posting refunds.  (We will adjust the registration for the shooter who takes you place, but they will be responsible for paying you.)  YOU must make this arrangement.

The reason for this is that it is expected that we will probably fill these matches quickly, as there is a limit on the number of shooters that will be accepted.  As such, we don’t want people signing up for a slot, then no-showing when someone else could have participated in the match. 

If by chance the match does not fill, approximately two days before the match we will send out an email to registered shooters and notify them that they may register for a second gun (that they will shoot on the same squad) if they wish to register again and pay another match fee.  (However, once this gets going, particularly during the summer matches, we don’t really expect this to happen very often.)

Match Details:

  • Matches will be on Thursday nights
  • Registration will open on Practiscore two weeks in advance of the match
  • Registration for the match will close at 6pm the day prior to the match
  • Setup for the match starts at 5pm
  • When you get to the match, you MUST check in, and you must do so before 5:50pm
  • Match will start promptly at 6pm


For those who pay attention to year-end ENPS stats, the League matches will be a separate stat from the normal monthly SC matches.  We currently have 16 League matches scheduled, so that’s a LOT of extra Steel Challenge you get to shoot!