Match Overview

Match Registration is done on the PractiScore web site.  Match Payment can be done here on the ENPS web site.

Step 1. Go to Practiscore. and you will get a list of the ENPS Level 1 matches currently open for registration. Level 1 "club" monthly matches will all be listed and can be registered for and PAID FOR right on the Practiscore web site. The Level 2 (Major) matches have their own pages on PRACTISCORE, and you will find the link to those on the Match page for each match here on this web site, using the MAJOR MATCHES menu links at the top.

If this is your first time registering on Practiscore, check out the Practiscore Registration Tips page first!


Step 2 (Optional). AFTER you've registered for the match, if you didn't pay for the match at the time of registration due to not being certain that you would be able to make it, if you'd then like to pre-pay for your match, you can return to Practiscore to the match page to view your registration and submit payment there, OR you can do it right here on the ENPS web site, just click Regular Match Payment. to be taken to the match payment page.

  • For normal Level 1 monthly club matches: If you register online for the match but don't pay in advance, you can still pay at the range the morning of the match BEFORE 8:30 a.m.  We APPRECIATE everyone who pre-pays for the match since it speeds up our morning registration a great deal to not have to handle a lot of payments at the match, so PLEASE pre-pay online if you are able to!
  • For LEVEL 2 matches, you MUST pre-pay in order to be allowed to squad for the match!


After you have registered for a Level 1 match on Practiscore, you will be able to squad for the match immeidately right on the confirmation page in Practiscore.  You can also skip squadding at that time and come back later to squad if you'd like, just pull your registration back up on the match page in Practiscore and you will see the option to select a squad. 

For the Major (Level 2+) matches, you will only be allowed to squad AFTER you have registered AND paid, AND your registration has been processed by the club stats person.  You will get an e-mail with your "Match Management Link" in it once your registration has been processed, which will also take you to the squadding page on Practiscore.  The EARLIER you register, the EARLIER you will get to choose your squad!  If you wait until the last minute, or don't pre-register at all, you will be squadded wherever we have room.

* It doesn't happen often, but it DOES happen - We always reserve the right to modify squad assignments as required to balance squads, meet RO requirements, etc.  If you choose a squad on Practiscore and end up being moved to a different squad the morning of the match, please take it in stride, make some new friends, and have a great match!  We only modify squad assignments when we HAVE to, not because we don't LIKE you, or don't understand how BADLY you wanted to shoot with your buddy!  We've all been moved to a different squad at one time or another, just suck it up, Buttercup! - Note this is only for Level I matches, for major matches your squad assignments will not be changed.


  • 1st Sunday of the Month:  Monthly USPSA Action Pistol Match
  • 3rd Sunday of the Month:  Alternating Steel Challenge or Multigun Match - 2017
    (Multigun will be moving to SATURDAY dates for 2018)
  • 3rd Sunday of the Month:  Alternating Steel Challenge or ProAm Steel - 2018
  • One Saturday per Month:  Multigun Match - 2018


Click here for FULL SIZED Google Calendar for Matches and Events

If you want to add the calendar to your device, open the calendar and click the +GoogleCalendar icon at the bottom right of the page.

Click here for a Printable PDF Schedule - 2018 Matches