Registration Tips

Registration for all matches is done through the Practiscore web site, if it's your first time registering on Practiscore, here are some tips to get you through it!

Tip: You can register for a Practiscore account on the web site, which is a GREAT idea since you will then be able to see all of your upcoming match registrations all on the Dashboard screen in Practiscore when you log in.

Register on Practiscore Here:

Register on Practiscore

Tips on what to put where in the registration page:

(Please note that not ALL fields are used in every type of match registration)

  1. First Name: (this is your first name)
  2. Last Name: (this is your last name)
  3. Email: (this is your e-mail address)
  4. Member Number: (this is your USPSA Member Number IF you already have one, and leave out any dashes(-) from the number, i.e. A-1234 should be entered as A1234.  If you DO NOT currently have a USPSA Member Number then you need to enter PEN, which stands for "PENding".  Do NOT leave this blank, and do NOT put anything in this field other than a valid USPSA number, or PEN.  Whether you are a NEW USPSA member who does not yet have your membership card/number, OR someone who hasn't joined USPSA  yet, - you will enter PEN)
  5. Categories: (This is an OPTIONAL choice of any special category you may fit into)
    • Lady (Gender as listed on a government issued ID)
    • Junior (Under the age of 18 on the first day of the match)
    • Senior (Over the age of 55 on the first day of the match)
    • Super Senior (Over the age of 65 on the first day of the match)
    • Military (Military personnel on current active duty orders)
    • Law Enforcement (Full-time law enforcement officers with arrest powers)
  6. Class:
    • Choose your CURRENTLY DEFINED classification in the division you will be shooting, as shown on the Classification page on the USPSA web site under your USPSA account.  If you are a NEW SHOOTER who has not shot enough valid classifier scores to have an initial classification established yet, choose U, which is Unclassified.
  7. Division:
    • Choose the division that your gun and gear fit into, and if you can fit into more than one division then it's your choice of which to shoot in.  If you are a NEW handgun shooter, shooting a duty-style centerfire pistol, MOST will choose either Limited or Production.  
      Full division rules are set by the USPSA and available on the USPSA web site HERE  
      Or if you're shooting a Steel Challenge match, division rules can be found HERE
  8. Power Factor:
    • Major - NOT for Production or PCC, optional in other divisions only if caliber and ammunition meet minimum Major Power Factor rules per the USPSA rulebook.
    • Minor - Production, PCC or optional Minor in other divisions based upon caliber and ammunition.  NOTE:  If you are shooting a 9mm handgun, you will most likely be Minor unless it's an Open gun built to shoot 9mm Major (in which case you would already know that).  Minor is the DEFAULT power factor, unless you know specifically that your setup qualifies for Major. 
  9. Are you a USPSA RO?:
    • If you are a currently certified USPSA Range Officer capable of helping to officiate the match, choose YES otherwise NO
  10. Additional Information/Special Requests:
    • Leave blank unless you have something specific you need to let the stats person know about regarding your registration.  This would include things like "I will be sharing equipment with Joe Smith".  Since you'll be able to squad YOURSELF* on the Practiscore web site after you register (or after you PAY, if it's a Major match), you do not need to enter squadding preferences in here.  If you enter something, the stats person has to take the time to READ it, so please only put things that are relevant. 

* It doesn't happen often, but it DOES happen - We always reserve the right to modify squad assignments as required to balance squads, meet RO requirements, etc.  If you choose a squad on Practiscore and end up being moved to a different squad the morning of the match, please take it in stride, make some new friends, and have a great match!  We only modify squad assignments when we HAVE to, not because we don't LIKE you, or don't understand how BADLY you wanted to shoot with your buddy!  We've all been moved to a different squad at one time or another, just suck it up, Buttercup!