Stage Design

See The Match Stage Design Calendar For Stage Designer Assignments

Except for Classifier stages, all of the other stages at our Level 1 monthly USPSA Action Pistol matches are designed by volunteers!  Keeping a variety of stages out there for every match makes our matches FUN and CHALLENGING, and we need volunteers with NEW ideas to keep mixing things up.  If you'd like to give stage design a shot, we'll be happy to help you get started!  For anyone willing to give stage design a try, we will assign an experienced stage designer to assist you in the setup of your first stage at a match.  

The club maintains a list of Active Stage Designers, which are the people who have volunteered to design stages for matches.  We use this list to "recruit" from if we have bays for upcoming matches that are not assigned.  If you have designed stages in the past and/or are willing to become a stage designer, PLEASE submit your name to be on the list of Active Stage Designers!  E-Mail the ENPS Stage Design Coordinator at webmaster.enps@gmail.com or use the web site contact form to add your name to the list!  Your assistance in keeping our matches fresh and exciting for all competitors is greatly appreciated!

Our normal Level 1 USPSA matches utilize Bays 1-5, and we normally use Bay 4 for an official USPSA Classifier stage, but that is up to the person who volunteers for Bay 4.  If you have a particular USPSA Classifier you'd like to shoot, then volunteer for Bay 4 and you'll get to pick which one we shoot!

** Special Bonus!  If you design a stage, and SET UP the stage for the match, you get to shoot for FREE at that match!

Stage design can be as simple or complicated as you want to make it.  If you are not a "computer" person you can sketch out your stage on paper, otherwise you can use an electronic format such as Microsoft PowerPoint using the stage prop starter below.  For more advanced users, you can do a complete stage design using a CAD tool such as Google Sketchup (See example below).  Once you have a rough idea of what you want to do, send us your stage design and we can provide feedback on it BEFORE you come to set the stage up at a match!  Send your stage design ideas to the ENPS Stage Design Coordinator at webmaster.enps@gmail.com.

Helpful Stage Design Information:

Stage Design Primer (PDF)

PowerPoint Stage Props (MS PowerPoint)

Written Stage Briefing Template (PDF)

Download Google Sketchup (Free Version) 

USPSA Stage design using Google Sketchup:

Approximate Bay Dimensions in Feet (effective stage design area):

Bay #1 - 30' W x 50' D
Bay #2 - 40' W x 60' D
Bay #3 - 40' W x 60' D
Bay #4 - 30' W x 50' D
Bay #5 - 80' W x 120' D