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Jarel Jensen
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NEW Thursday Night Steel Challenge for 2019

Visit the Thursday Night Steel Challenge League page for full information HERE


Q) What is the starting time for the matches?
A) 6:00 p.m. start time

Q) How many guns can I shoot for the matches?
A) We'll allow ONE gun initially and may allow TWO based upon participation.  If the matches are full, then it will be ONE gun per shooter.

Q) Are these OFFICIAL Steel Challenge stages that will count toward Steel Challenge classification/stats nationally?
A) YES - This will be an Official Steel Challenge match with Official stages - NOT an outlaw steel match

Q) Is ENPS still hosting it's regular Sunday Steel Challenge matches during the year as well or are these matches replacing that?
A) YES - These new Thursday matches are giving us an additional chance to hone our Steel Challenge skills, the regular weekend Steel Challenge matches are also on the calendar as usual.

Q) Can I just show up and shoot?
A) NO - These matches will be limited to the number of participants due to the short time frame of an evening match needing to be completed before dark, so PRE-REGISTRATION and PRE-PAYMENT for the match in Practiscore is required to shoot!

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