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Jarel Jensen
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ENPS Multigun 2019 - BIG Changes!

This year we have affiliated with the United Shooting Sports League (USSL) which includes the United Multigun League (UML). This league allows us to add flexibility and include more shooters in multigun. We will keep the same divisions that we have always had, so people that have been shooting 3 gun can continue to do so. We are adding a 2-gun (rifle-pistol) and a pistol caliber carbine division. The 2-gun division will be recognized at every match. Due to range and equipment limitations, we will not be able to recognize PCC at every match so please check the schedule or Practiscore for available divisions.

Also Suppressors are now ALLOWED!  We'd LOVE to see a whole new group of competitors at the matches this year in addition to the traditional 3-Gun division competitors!

The new rules can be found here: http://unitedmultigunleague.com/uml-rules/

We also have the 600 yard range scheduled for several times in order to get more long range rifle into matches.

For questions on Multigun matches, contact:

Multigun Coordinator
Jerry Borzobohaty

See you on the range!


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